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I offer both group and one-to-one sessions for farm work, sheepdog trials or simply just fun. Occasionally handlers of similar abilities will be paired and sessions combined. Sheepdog training is a great way to ensure your dog stays fit, builds up stamina and is in peak condition. We also offer video consultations whereby if you are having problems or training issues you can send us a link to videos on YouTube/facebook and we will provide a written report of how to address the problem.

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Taster session for Farmers £47 - Block of 4 sessions - £160

Taster single session for fun - £55 - Block of 4 sessions - £200

Video consultation - £15 (Up to 15 Min Video)

Video consultation - £30 (From 15 -30 Minute Video)




Sheepdog training clinic are offered both nationally and Internationally. Please give us advanced notice as dates are often booked 6-8 months in advance.

OTHER BREEDS - We also work with other herding breeds such as Kelpies, Bearded collies depending on suitability.

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Sheepdog Training at Tilton

Within easy reach of the A46 and A1 Tilton offers an ideal facilty for basic to advanced training. Set in just over 40 acres the ground is undulating and rises gently. A large training pen is also available for young inexperienced dogs and new handlers.

Details of dog friendly accomodation within easy access can be provided on request. .

Sheepdog Training at Launde

Hill farm offers a wonderful opportunity for handlers who wish to train towards open sheepdog trials competition. Set in 750 acres of rolling hillside on the borders of Leicestershire and Rutland there is ample opportunity to really test a dog, offering large blind gathers and turn back opportunities as well as flockwork.

Hill farm offers two onsite self contained flats and stabling is also available wither for the dogs or horses.


What Age to Start

Ordinarily, sheepdog training should take place around seven to eight months of age but some dogs can be quite receptive very early on and early contact with sheep may be beneficial. Recalls and basic obedience are a big part of sheepdog training and it is crucial you start off on the right note, I use a training pen and therefore a lot of problems are over-come and trust issues can be tackled at a relatively early age. Remember training a sheep dog takes considerable time and patience. Any short cuts you take you will pay for somewhere down the line.

How Long Will It Take To Train a Dog?

Dogs are all individual and where some methods fail with some dogs the same will be fruitful with others. Training depends on many factors such as the breeding of your dog, your access to sheep and flock size. It depends on the methods you use to train and nurture your dog's natural instincts and the amount of practice you put in, sometimes daily. Success will also depend on your ability to understand and read sheep. Sessions will last approximately one and a half hours.

How Long Will Sessions Last?

Sessions are generally individual and last an hour and a half (sometimes longer). You will always be supervised and supported. On occasions handlers and dogs may be matched so that they can learn from one another and this way dogs will also be able to rest for longer between turns. Day sessions can also be booked consisting of two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon

What Handlers are expected to do?

Practice several times a week if not daily for a few minutes at a time.

Watch relevant videos and read relevant books on the subject matter. You will find my bok "Sheepdog training and Trials" invaluable as a back up to the training you recieve. I also have a NEW DVDwhich will provide all the information you need to et your dog from the early stages to working a flock. If you prefer there is also a STREAMING OPTION so you can watch in Full HD on your Smart TV, Tablet or Smart phone.

How To Use a Sheepdog-Whistle Effectively

Learning to use a whistle is probably the single most useful task you will ever achieve. There are aspects of training which can be far easier to achieve if you have a good whistle that you can rely on. To use effectively place the whistle in the mouth so that your lips are past the hole on the whistle ensuring the hole is not blocked Ensure that the bottom edge of the whistle is pressed constantly against your lips, otherwise you will hear a hiss. Blow gently so that the air enters the whistle through the small circular holes inside your mouth, and leaves it between the two pieces of metal which are between your lips. Your tongue on the back of the whistle will vary the direction of the air, and after a little trial and error, you will soon master the art. I find that the whistle can be placed in the mouth either way but prefer to have the opening facing downwards as I believe you get a louder tone. Many handlers not only have whistle commands for each of the above but also they have half or short variations to imply long or short distance. It is crucial that whistle commands are simple, pleasant and crisp sounding with no muffled tone.

What Elements will be taught?



Teaching the dogs to flank left and right
To stop in the stand and down positions as appropriate
To outrun or gather sheep
To fetch sheep to the handler
To Pen


To drive sheep away from the handler
Look back
To shed
To single
International Shedding


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The Supreme - The A1 and the Turbo (Special order only)

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Purchase an online training video on how to blow the whistle and commands to use whistle pay


Paying For A Session


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Why not take this opportunity to also buy the NEW DVD or the STREAMING OPTION and get a feel for the training you will be undertaking.

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